Frequently asked Questions


From which documents fields/questions can be imported into Form Builder

The following document types are directly supported for importing into Form Builder

If you have other formats like CSV/TSV, or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or  Word or PDF, you can upload the file into Google Drive and convert into Google Sheets or Docs before importing through Form Builder.

What are the field types supported in the Form Builder?

The following field types are currently supported

General Troubleshooting

When I open add-on I get "drive.google.com refused to connect". Why?

When I open add-on I get "Action not allowed" or "You do not have permission to perform this action" or "ScriptError: Authorization is required to perform that action". Why?

This issue can occur if users have logged into multiple Google accounts from the same browser. Mainly if one account has access to your document and other accounts do not have access.

To resolve this issue:


Form Import Limitations

Google Forms API Batch Update Limitation

Why is this happening? 

Google Forms has a limitation on the number of questions that can be added to a form, through the API. When attempting to add a large number of questions in a single batch update, or when the form is already too large, the Google Forms API returns an error indicating that the batch update failed due to exceeding the entry limit of the form schema.

What should I do if I'm impacted by this issue?

If you're experiencing this issue, please refer to the problem on Google's Issue Tracker at https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/257209910. Kindly consider clicking on 'Vote: I am impacted' and leaving your comments to convey to Google the significance of addressing this limitation (within the Google Form API).

Other Issues

I am not able to choose a Google Sheet after selecting Google Sheets as app. What is the problem?

Selecting Google Sheets, Doc,  Slide or Form for importing requires Google Picker to be working. On certain browser configurations, Google Picker does not open up. Please check how to Resolve Google Picker not opening for detailed instructions to solve this issue.