Automatic Mapping

What is Automatic Mapping?

Automatic Mapping is feature of Form Builder which identifies the data from input automatically and maps with appropriate fields like question, description, type, etc.

  • Automatic mapping is applicable only for Google Sheets data.
  • Automatic mapping is applied by checking whether the sheet data have meaning full headers/keywords.
  • Form Builder automatically populates the column in configuration.

Important Note: Automatic mapping is applicable only for importing from Google Sheets.

How Automatic Mapping works?

Form Builder looks for keywords in header. Example: description, if the sheet data headers have description keyword, Form Builder will automatically detect and select the description column from configuration.

Note: This feature is only applicable for Google Sheets data with headers.

To use Automatic Mapping follow the below steps .

  • Select the Range Include header, this will automatically map matched header to column configuration.
  • You can also click the following icon whenever you want automatic mapping when you change your sheet data.

Please check out the keywords that Form Builder looks for the below.

  • keywords are case insensitive - so it will match with any case
  • keywords can be there in any part of the field

So if you have these keywords in your header, the corresponding property from the table below is identified automatically.




  • question
  • field
  • item


  • desc
  • description
  • detail


  • required
  • type

Answer Start

  • answer start
  • option start

Answer End

  • answer end
  • option end


  • other


  • point
  • mark
  • score

Correct Answer

  • correct answer
  • right answer

Correct Feedback

  • correct feedback
  • correct answer feedback
  • correct feedback
  • correct answer feedback

Incorrect Feedback

  • incorrect feedback
  • incorrect answer feedback
  • wrong feedback
  • wrong answer feedback

Correct URL

  • correct url
  • right url

Incorrect URL

  • incorrect url
  • wrong url

Sample Sheet data

Important Note: Automatic mapping is applicable only for importing from Google Sheets.