How to import from questions

  • Choose any sheet from the drop down to build a new Form or add new fields to the existing one.

  • Select the Range type i.e Full or Range.

  • Full is selected by default i.e full range of the sheet.

  • If you select the Range then default range will be A2:A10 i.e first 9 rows from column A of selected tab

  • Select the Questions from pattern

  • Click Get button

  • In questions pattern type every cell in a sheet is consider as question.

  • Form Builder lists all fields and makes fields available for you to import.

  • You can change the range and hit GET button to refresh the list of fields/ questions.

  • Below is the sample data you can see the pattern.

  • The default type of each question is short answer in questions pattern

  • If you want to change the type you can change in two ways

    • First method is by simply selecting from drop down.

    • Second method is by clicking setting icon.

  • You can import individual field by clicking on the Action button

  • If the question is fully configured then setting icon color will change.

  • There are some types in the Form API such as VIDEO, FILE_UPLOAD. these are unsupported types in Form Builder so you can not import these fields.

  • You can configure each questions as per your requirement.

  • Select the necessary condition as required or not.

  • Change the type as required.

  • Click save to save the configuration.

  • Select or Create the form to which fields/questions need to be imported

  • You can import the selected fields by clicking Import Selected button

  • Select the required form from drive to store the data.

  • Click Select to select the form.

  • You can access the selected Form by clicking on the Open in New icon.

  • Switch on Overwrite Form Content. All existing content from the form will be overwritten when you import fields.

  • Switch on Shuffle Question Order to change the order of the questions in Google Form.

  • If you like to change option types items from listed question to some other options type you can achieve by selecting options from Make options as drop-down.

  • That's it, your Form is ready.

Sample Sheet Data

Question Assessment

Sample Output Form generated