Resolve Google Picker not opening

What is Google Picker ?

Google Picker is a "File Open" dialog for the documents (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides etc) stored in Google Drive. It helps the user to search and choose a source document.

Problem: Google Picker is not opening

why is it happening

The Google Picker might not open because you have disabled / blocked the cookies option in you browser.

how to solve it

By Enabling the Cookies option above problem can be solve.

Solution - Step by Step instructions

Note: Steps below are illustrating the actions on Google Chrome browser. You can see similar thing in other browsers too.

Click on the 3 vertical dot button (top right corner of your browser) .

Now click on settings option from the menu

Enter content settings in search bar

Now scroll or find Content Settings and click

Click on Cookies

enable the cookies

disable the Block third-party cookies

That's It. Now refresh your browser and go to Form Builder add-on and continue your importing.

In case if you are still facing issues, please write to with screenshots and browser console logs.