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Tutorial - Form Builder for Docs

Tutorial in SharingTree

Thanks to David Fogliatti (CEO of SharingTree and a Form Builder user) for making this wonderful tutorial.

Setup Form Builder for Docs

Start Form Builder for Docs

To start Form Builder for Docs

  • Open a Google Docs
  • click on add-on from menu bar
  • select Form Builder for Docs from pop up menu
  • Click on Start to start Form Builder for Docs

Note: If you have not installed Form Builder for Docs yet, please refer Installation for instructions

Load content from Google Docs

Consider that you have the questions/fields for the form in a Google Docs. And you want to build a Google Form using that data.

  • Select the pattern Full Document or Selected Content.
    • Full Document: If you select the Full Document as name suggest it selects the entire document content and loads all the fields available for you.
    • Selected Content: If you want only selected content to be loaded then you can select this pattern.
  • Click GET button

  • Form Builder lists all fields and makes fields/questions ready for you to import
  • You can change the pattern and hit GET button to refresh the list of fields/ questions.
  • Below is the sample data you can see the pattern.

Prepare Google Form and Importing

  • Click on Choose or Create to add new fields to the existing Form or to create a new Form
  • After selecting the Form you can see the Form name just below the Change and Create button.
  • You can access the selected Form by clicking on the Open in New icon.


  • You can import individual field by clicking on the pin icon button under Action
  • You can also import the selected fields by clicking Import Selected button
  • You can configure the question i.e its type, option values by clicking setting icon.

Advanced Features

  • Switch on the Overwrite Form Content if you want the content of selected form (fields/questions) to be cleared (deleted) before import.
  • If you like to change option types items from listed question to some other options type you can achieve by selecting options from Make options as drop-down to choose Multiple choice or check box or drop down.

Customize Configuration

Before doing actual import, you can (optionally) customise the configuration of any field/question that is listed

Click on GEAR/ Settings icon in the list to open comprehensive custom configuration GUI. You can mark a field as required, change type and setup answer options using this custom configuration GUI

Configuration example:

  • Example: if question type is multiple choice and you want to change to drop down you can easily change its type or even its option values also can be easily change.
  • If the question is custom configured and marked as required, then GEAR icon's color will change.

Sample document

Assessment Questions

Google Docs Formatting Rules and Tips

  • Before loading

Rules - Form Builder recognises the content with following ways

    • If text or paragraph in the document is followed by bulleted/ numbered values then form builder automatically make the text as question and bulleted/ numbered values are set answer options with type multiple choice.
    • If a bulleted or number item is in bold font, then it is considered as correct answer (and form is set as quiz)
    • If the text/question does not have any bullet values followed, then it is considered as simple question with type set as short answer.
    • Any images in the Google Doc is imported as image in Google Form

  • After loading
    • Once the content is loaded in the sidebar, user can choose type of the field as one of the following
      • Short Answer
      • Paragraph
      • Multiple choice
      • Checkboxes
      • Dropdown
      • Checkbox grid
      • Multiple choice grid
      • Date, Time, Date Time
      • Linear Scale
      • Image
      • Title
      • Section
    • Also, user can go for comprehensive custom configuration using Settings/ GEAR icon button
  • Tips
    • Read the rules above (a few times, please)
    • For questions, do not have use bullet/ number formatting
    • For answer options, use bullet/ number formatting. Otherwise, it will not get identified automatically
    • For correct answer, mark that bulleted/ numbered item as bold
    • Content from Google Doc table, will be considered as questions. Answer options inside Google Doc table cannot be imported as answer options.

Enjoy simplified Google Form Building !