Demo Video - Form Builder for Docs

How to setup Form Builder for Docs

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In order to start Form Builder for Docs

  • Open a Google Docs
  • click on add-on from menu bar
  • select Form Builder for Docs from pop up menu
  • Click on Start to start Form Builder for Docs

Build Form from Google Docs

Consider you have the questions/fields for the form in a Google Docs. And you want to build a Google Form using that data.

  • Select the pattern Full Document or Selected Content.
    • Full Document: If you select the Full Document as name suggest it select the entire document content and make the fields available for you.
    • Selected Content: If you want only selected content to be questions then you can select this pattern.
  • Click Get button

  • Form Builder lists all fields and makes fields available for you to import
  • You can change the pattern and hit GET button to refresh the list of fields/ questions.
  • Below is the sample data you can see the pattern.
  • choose any Form or create new Form to build a new Form or add new fields to the existing one.
  • After selecting the Form you can see the Form name just below the Change and Create button.
  • You can access the selected Form by clicking on the Open in New icon.
  • Select the Overwrite Form Content. If you want selected or created form fields/questions to be remove before import.
  • If you like to change option types items from listed question to some other options type you can achieve by selecting options from Make options as drop-down.
  • You can import individual field by clicking on the Action button
  • You can also import the selected fields by clicking Import Selected button
  • You can configure the question i.e its type, option values by clicking setting icon.

Sample document

  • If a question have text and followed by bullet values then form builder automatically make as questions option and its type is set to be multiple choice.
  • If the question does not have any bullet values then its type is set as short answer.
  • Form builder also support Image type

How to set Configuration

Configuration example:

  • Example if question type is multiple choice and you want to change to drop down you can easily change its type or even its option values also can be easily change.
  • If the question is fully configured then setting icon color will change.
  • Example of fully configured if the question has multiple choice and its required is checked then its consider as fully configured.
  • That's it, your Form is ready.

Google Docs Formatting Tips

  • Form Builder Supports images.
  • If the question have text/paragraph and it does not have any bulleted/ numbered values, then its type is set as 'short answer'.
  • If a question have text/paragraph and followed by bulleted/ numbered values then form builder automatically makes these items as answer options and its type is set to be 'multiple choice'.
  • To Build quiz Form from Google Docs, make sure that Selected Form is set to be Quiz.
  • If you want the correct answer to be identified automatically while importing into quiz, then make the correct option as bold.

Enjoy simplified Google Form Building !