How to import from Quiz

  • Choose any sheet from the drop down to build a new Form or add new fields to the existing one.

  • Select the Range type Full or Range.

  • Full is selected by default i.e full range of the sheet. If you select the Range then default range will be A1:k10 i.e first 9 rows from the selected tab.

  • Select the Quiz from pattern.

  • Select the Questions column from the dropdown .

  • If your sheet have types column then select the types column from the dropdown.

  • If your sheet have descriptions column then select the descriptions column from the dropdown.

  • Select the Starting answer column from the dropdown .

  • Select the Ending answer column from the dropdown .

  • If your sheet have required column then select the required column from the dropdown.

  • You can use delimiter only when one cell has multiple options with a separator (example: ",")."

  • Form Builder lists all fields. you just need to tell the Form Builder which column is what in sheet.

  • For example type column. In the sample data type column is present at Column B. Like this you need to configure however you needed such as points, correct answer etc.

  • If you want to set advance properties such as correct answer feedback, incorrect answer feedback, correct answer URL and incorrect answer URL.

  • Click on advance button to set these properties and select the appropriate column.

  • click on GET button to lists all fields.

  • If you want to change the type you can change in two ways

    • First method is by simply selecting from drop down.

    • Second method is by clicking setting icon.

  • You can import individual field by clicking on the Action button

  • If the question is fully configured then setting icon color will change.

  • There are some types in the Form API such as VIDEO, FILE_UPLOAD. these are unsupported types in Form Builder so you can not import these fields.

  • Example consider question type is multiple choice and you want to change to Drop down you can easily change its type or even its option values also can be easily change.

  • You can change the type either in main GUI just by selecting any type from drop down or in configuration setup drop down.

  • Using configuration is best practice. you can see the all the configuration before import.

  • If the question is fully configured then setting icon color will change.

  • Example of fully configured. Consider the question has multiple choice and its required is checked then its consider as fully configured.

  • If you want more fields, you can get it by selecting another tab or by changing the Sheet itself and do the same steps again.

  • That's it, your Form is ready.

  • Select or Create the form to which fields/questions need to be imported

  • You can import the selected fields by clicking Import Selected button

  • Select the required form from drive to store the data.

  • Click Select to select the form.

  • You can access the selected Form by clicking on the Open in New icon.

  • Switch on Overwrite Form Content. All existing content from the form will be overwritten when you import fields.

  • Switch on Shuffle Question Order to change the order of the questions in Google Form.

  • If you like to change option types items from listed question to some other options type you can achieve by selecting options from Make options as drop-down.

  • That's it, your Form is ready.

Sample Sheet Data

Quiz - FB Website

Sample Output Form generated