Measure the value that you gain

"Saving Time" is "Saving Money"

"Average user of Form Builder save around 4 hours a week on making Google Forms", that is half of a work-day that you gain every week.

Typically, users of Form Builder make at least 10 forms in a week (this a low number, we have seen users creating 100+ forms in a week) with approximately 20 to 30 questions in each form.

Without Form Builder, it takes around a minute to manually key-in or copy & paste question, setup answer options, correct answers etc in a Google Form.

This means around 200 to 300 questions are imported using Form Builder by users saving around 4 hours every week.

"Kill the boredom"

In case, the user does not use Form Builder, traditional way of copying and pasting from other documents into Google Forms would be very repetitive, boring and error prone.

"Count your savings"

Let's say your hourly billing rate is $40 and you are using Form Builder which saves 4 hours every week. That means you are saving $160 every week and $640 every month and a whopping $7680 in a year, just by yourself working smarter. This more than reason to go for Form Builder upgrade.

And of course, what if more staff from your organization/ institute takes Form Builder? That will be a huge saving to your organization.