"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

- Leonardo da Vinci

Simplify Building Google Form

Form Builder attempts all possible ways to simplify the Form Building process.

Simply import from your existing doc to build new Google Form

Google Forms

Import from Google Forms

Google Sheets

Import from Google Sheets

Google Docs

Import from Google Docs

Google Slides

Import from Google Slides

Features List

The following features are covered by Form Builder

  • Build your Form by importing from another Google Forms
  • Build your Form using data from Google Sheets
  • Build your Form using contents from Google Docs
  • Build your Form using contents from Google Slides
  • Build your Quiz Form by importing from another Google Form
  • Build you Quiz Form using data from Google sheets
  • Form Builder automatically picks fields/ questions from source document for you
  • You can get all validations that you have set to the fields/questions in the Form
  • User can import individual field or multiple fields/questions
  • User can configure the type of the fields/questions
  • User can export Form Questions into Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides so that whenever if you want to reuse it, you can simply import them back.


Some might want to build form right from inside Google Forms, other want to create form from Google Sheets and so on.

Keeping Form Builder add-ons that work from where you want it to be, keeps it comfortable. So we created variants

  • Form Builder - the add-on for Google Forms
  • Form Builder for Sheets - the add-on for Google Sheets
  • Form Builder for Docs - the add-on for Google Docs

Feel free to request a new feature or contact us to share your use case/ requirement or submit an issue or simply raise a query