What's New

v1.32.0 - 04 January 2023 - Preview as per Advanced settings, GUI improvements and new forms in same folder of input file

Form Builder Plus now introduces

  • Preview will be shown as per the configuration in Advanced settings.

  • New Forms will be created in the same parent folder of the input file.

  • Added 'learn more' link in SharingTree integration with full integration details webpage.

v1.31.0 - 19 December 2022 - SharingTree publish GA, Text Files import, Templates import, and restructuring files

Form Builder Plus Now Introduces

  • Introduced support for plain text files.

  • Introduced import button for Google Docs, Sheets & slides sample templates to import in editor add-on(Forms).

  • Sharing Tree integration for all users.

v1.30.0 - 28 November 2022 - GUI improvements, templates, and SharingTree integration on Google Forms add-on

Form Builder Plus Now Introduces in Forms(editor) Add-on

  • Improved User Interface.

  • Introduced Google Docs, Sheets & slides sample templates.

  • Sharing Tree integration for specified domain(beta release).

v1.29.0 - 15 November 2022 - Usability improvements and restructuring

Form Builder Plus add-on introduced changing the MCQ question into a short text question that would assign a single option question as the correct answer.

v1.28.0 - 19 October 2022 - Import any drive file from Google Forms

Form Builder Plus add-on now introduced support for most drive files from the Google Forms add-on. Drive File picker can select multiple files too.

v1.27.0 - 10 October 2022 - Alpha release of sharingTree Integration

Form Builder Plus add-on now introduced Integration with Sharing Tree for specified domains.

v1.26.0 - 29 September 2022 - Support correct answers in A,B,C,D notation also

Form Builder Plus now introduced in Google Sheets for A,B,C,D (case insensitive) notation support for correct answers identification.

v1.25.0 - 16 September 2022 - Parsing improvements, Excel support, Demo videos

Form Builder Plus add-on now introduced

  • Enhanced document parsing for Google Docs.

  • Support for Excels files(non-native xlxs , xls) in Google Drive.

  • Included Demo Videos on the Homepage for workspace add-on.

v1.24.0 - 07 September 2022 - Support non-native pptx and docx files in Drive and bug fixes

Form Builder Plus add-on is now started support for non-native files pptx and docx files in Google Drive.

v1.23.0 - 05 September 2022 - Support multiple options in the same line

Form Builder plus add-on is now introduced in Google Docs support for multiple choice question options in the same line.

v1.22.0 - 22 August 2022 - Support for Google Drive URL, parse PDF, image files, and other bug fixes

Form Builder plus add-on now introduced

  • Support for Google Drive URL as an image URL through Google Sheets.

  • Support for PDF parsing through Google Drive to make Google Forms.

  • Bug fix for more accurate document parsing.

v1.21.0 - 16 August 2022 - Success or not feedback from users

Form Builder Plus add-on in Google Docs introduced Feedback for Document Parsing.

v1.20.0 - 10 August 2022 - Forms add-on save advanced settings and other bug fixes

Form Builder Plus add-on in Google Forms introduced

  • Save advanced settings in Forms add-on - this will help users to save advanced settings for reuse.

  • Support for Linear Scale, Linear_Scale, linearscale abbreviations(case insensitive) in Google Sheet to configure Linear Scale items.

v1.19.0 - 05 July 2022 - Forms - Preview improvements, edit configuration, and bug fixes

Form Builder Plus add-on in Google Forms introduced

  • Edit configuration - this will show users a preview of the question and users will be able to edit or change different properties of the question.

v1.18.0 - 28 Jun 2022 - Forms preview app, and a bug fix in export.

Form Builder Plus add-on in Google Forms introduced

  • Preview - this will show users a preview of the Form and users will be able to manipulate or add different properties of questions before import.

v1.17.0 - 22 Jun 2022 - Forms add-on range selector, images in sheet, account, and other improvements

Form Builder Plus add-on in Google Forms introduced

  • range selector - this helps users to select a range of questions to be imported

  • images support for sheet - now images from google sheets can be imported as image for question in Google Form

  • and fixed issues with quota usage

v1.16.0 - 20 Jun 2022 - Forms add-on improvements and bug fixes

Form Builder Plus add-on on Google Forms improved with features supported in new framework add-ons

Ver 1.15.0 - 10 Jun 2022 - Support for Video and scale type questions in preview

Ver 1.14.0 - 7 Jun 2022 - Edit question configuration

Ver 1.13.0 - 1 Jun 2022 - Question Range Selection feature introduced and bug fixes

Ver 1.12.0 - 31 May 2022 - Preview GUI improvements and bug fixes

Ver 1.11.0 - 12 May 2022 - Improved Google Doc parsing, Preview, UX and Export

Ver 1.10.0 - 27 Apr 2022 - Custom section branching and improved drag and drop in Preview

Ver 1.9.0 - 21 Apr 2022 - Preview Improvements & Image handling

Ver 1.8.0 - 18 Apr 2022 - Images support & GUI improvements

Ver 1.7.0 - 17 Mar 2022 - Enhanced upgrade experience

Ver 1.6.0 - 2 Mar 2022 - Preview only selected items

Ver 1.5.0 - 1 Mar 2022 - Preview feature improvements

Ver 1.4.0 - 22 Feb 2022 - Introduction of Preview form feature

Ver 1.3.0 - 7 Feb 2022 - Position, Default point in the Advanced features section and support for Export.

Ver 1.2.0 - 28 Jan 2022 - Support for Image import from Docs, Slides & Sheets

Ver 1.1.0 - 18 Jan 2022 - Save settings & overall GUI improvements

Ver 1.0.0 - 17 Nov 2021 - Initial Version

  • The Initial version of Form Builder Plus made with best out of other variants (Form Builder, Form Builder for Docs, Form Builder for Sheets)

Legacy - since Jul 2018 - Form Builder variants

The following are the original variants of Form Builder

  • Form Builder

  • Form Builder for Docs

  • Form Builder for Sheets

These add-ons were released on Jul 2018 and have been maintained till today with various features and bug fixes.