Empowering Educators with Question Banks 

Craft Contextual and Engaging Google Forms in Minutes

from your Question Banks

"Transforming Assessments: Elevate Engagement, Streamline Creation, and Inspire Learning with Question Banks and Form Builder!"

In today's fast-paced educational landscape, educators are constantly seeking efficient ways to create engaging assessments while saving valuable time. Fortunately, the combination of Question Banks and Form Builder Plus offers a dynamic duo that can revolutionize the assessment creation process. This article will delve into how educators can harness the power of Question Banks in Google Sheets and seamlessly integrate them with Form Builder to effortlessly generate captivating Google Forms in a matter of minutes.

Understanding the Magic of Question Banks

Question Banks are a collection of questions organized within Google Sheets, allowing educators to store and manage assessment items in a centralized location.

Creating a Question Bank in Google Sheets is a straightforward process. Begin by opening a new Google Sheet and labeling columns with relevant information such as questions, answer choices, correct answers, points, difficulty level, and topic tags. Each row represents a unique question, providing a structured format for easy management.

Optimizing efficiency: Discover smart strategies for categorizing, tagging, and organizing questions to maximize effectiveness.

"To ensure seamless access and retrieval of questions, educators must employ effective strategies for categorizing, tagging, and organizing within the Question Banks. By utilizing specific columns for tagging question topics or difficulty levels, educators can efficiently locate and select the most appropriate questions when constructing assessments."

Streamline Data Filtering in Google Sheets with the Query Function

Query filters in Google Sheets offer educators a robust tool to effectively filter large datasets, such as question banks. By leveraging query filters, teachers can easily narrow down their selections based on specific criteria, such as topics and difficulty levels. This enables them to curate a focused set of questions that align with the learning objectives and assessment requirements.

Applying Query Filters in Google Sheets

To demonstrate the practical application of query filters, we will walk through the process step by step. By following these instructions, educators can optimize their question bank management and create targeted assessments:

Note: Below steps are only applicable if you make a copy of the Sample Google Sheet. 

In the attached image of a question bank, there is a "Topic" column in column G and a "Difficulty Level" column in column H. You can utilize the QUERY function to retrieve questions based on the topic and difficulty level. 

Example= QUERY('Question Bank'!2:33, "SELECT * WHERE G = 'Maths' AND H = 'Easy'", 0) 

In summary, this QUERY function will search the range 'Question Bank'!2:33 for rows where the topic (column G) is 'Maths' and the difficulty level (column H) is 'Easy'. It will return all columns of the matching rows as a resulting table.

Form Builder: A Time-Saving Game-Changer

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