See how people use Form Builder

"Saved hours of time as we were creating tests for our Drone Pilot course -- we were able to import from Google Sheets really easily (JFYI -- We copied from Excel into Google Sheets.) "

"form builder so usefull, make our work in google form  get easier "

"mantul.. sangat membantu dalam membuat soal, apalagi di masa pandemi covid 19 seperti ini "

Language: Indonesian

Translation: "bouncing .. very helpful in making questions, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic like this"

"Got to say once you get your data in columns correctly and understand the labelling of the fields in Google Sheets, this tool can really get you going.  I am creating 20 quizzes per hour using this.  The old copy/paste ran about 3-5 per hour because of the monotonous formatting of answers manually. If Google ever wakes up and add more feature to the form tool, we could really fly.  For mass creation of forms for quizzes etc.  this Form Builder script is a blessing!! "

"fantastic app with so many specifications, very easy to use and reduce the work and saved the time,

amazing app "


Language: Malay


"Demi peduli masa pandemik tolong kuota Free ditambah doong...

BUILDER......Top Markotop... Maturnuwun "

Translation: Javanese

Translation: "For the sake of the pandemic, please use the Free quota plus doong ...

BUILDER ...... Top Markotop ... Thank you"

"bagus SIIH..CUMAN ..kuota 50an...truss bayar daah.....DA BUAT AQUN BARUUU...TETEP AJA  G SULUSI......manual maniing ..manual maniiing "

Language: Indonesian

Translation: good SIIH..SUCH ... 50s quota ... continue to pay bye ... DA CREATE A NEW AQUN ... KEEP A SLEEP ... manual maniing ... manual maniiing

"Form Builder is a very interesting application to try for teachers around the world, especially in Indonesia, with this application I can easily transfer the questions that I have created on ms.word to google forms very easily and quickly, and can save my time in creating quizzes from google forms with this form builder application. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use this application, and I ask for your help and generosity so that I can and can use this application for a long time, because I really need it to make practice questions and tests in school lessons that I teach my students at school. Thank you form builder "

"Awesome product, saves me a lot of time importing my already made multiple choice tests from Google Docs into Google Forms. Very quick response to suggestions and feature requests. "

"Very helpful! It cuts my time in half. I use Examview Test Generator to create my tests and Form Builder easily converts it. "

"This is a great add on for Google Drive. It can automate docs, forms, sheets, etc. We use it to automate user responses into a single document to review and retain for audits. Very easy to use, quick to set up, and a HUGE time saver. "

"Fantastic add-on! Building scenario-based forms is MUCH faster!! "

"This ad-on is super useful for busy teachers who are preparing online classes in this emergency. 学校を臨時休校しなければならない緊急事態において、オンライン授業を効果的に実施するためにGoogle Formを使って小テストなどを行うことが大事ですが、問題の作成にはとても時間がかかってしまいます。Form Builderを活用することで、問題作成アプリなどでつくられたデータを元に効率よくテストを作成でき、オンライン授業をより良いものに時間を使うことができます。大変にありがたいです。 "

Language: Japanese


""This ad-on is super useful for busy teachers who are preparing online classes in this emergency. In an emergency situation where you have to temporarily close your school, use Google Form to take quizzes to effectively conduct online classes. Although it is important to do the question, it takes a lot of time to create a question.By using Form Builder, you can efficiently create a test based on the data created by the question creation application etc. I can spend my time on something better, which is very appreciated."

"As someone in charge of administering examinations, this add-on is exactly what I needed. from our pre-existing question banks, we can migrate full examinations to google forms without copy-pasting each question and choices. It also eliminates the need for manually making the script for sheets. I would only like to request additional features for examination building like randomly picking a select number of questions from a range. For now, we are planning to make separate sheets for each iteration of exams and keep a 'master' question bank. this manual separation for each delivery of the exam is manageable but additional features are always welcome. "

"Best add-on for Google Form. But I have a issue with Quiz. I provide a correct answer for TEXT type question and leave blank for all Options in Google Sheet. Although typing the exact answer it is always marked as Wrong. Can you check it? "

"Great for making things accessible to my students during the COVID-19 social distancing. "

"This is great! As my workload will be reduced drastically and managed even in my absence. Thanks, Google Workspace for this App and Marketplace "

"very very very helpull to make quiz in our school.... tqs very muaaaach.... "

"This is an awesome that will save me time and looks better than doing it the old way. "

"Very good app, essential for creating larger forms and quizzes "

"I've used Form Builder once and it was a Godsend. I needed to combine two older forms into one, and I was not looking forward to retyping one of them completely. It especially great since I was able to pick and choose which questions to add like a question bank. The only issue I had was a minor one. Some of the images didn't cross over. A quick scan through confirmed this and it was only a minute or two to reattach them so no big deal. I wanted to let you know since I don't always check my work and as an educator, I know a lot of people don't lol. "

"Excellent App for Convert your forms in Word to Forms in seconds "

"Form Builder is a massive time-saver for my organisation. Very easy to use as well!" 

"Awesome !!! More productivity in less time guaranteed... Helpful while we are dealing with Google form and sheets.... Indeed a nice product."

"Very easy to use and a lot of features available to incorporate into your business forms." 

"Worked exactly as needed." 

"As a high school teacher with multiple legacy "paper forms", this add-on is *precisely* what I need to swiftly convert existing scantron paper tests into Google quizzes. It's recognition algorithms are typically quite sound, and for most documents, Form Builder excels converting docs into Google quizzes. Even better for sheets and to re-purpose existing forms." 

"I am a teacher, and I use Form Builder to quickly make multiple-choice self-marking quizzes to share with my pupils. I write the questions and 4 possible answers in columns of a Google sheet, and then import this into Google forms. It’s brilliant and really quick, and does exactly what I need it to. It’s much quicker than writing Google Forms from scratch. I mentioned to the developers that there was one thing they could improve to make it better for me, and within a few days they had done this! I am really impressed and very grateful. I'll be telling all my colleagues about this fantastic add-on." 

"Great time-saver. Thank you."