How to use Form Builder if your domain admin is not allowing?

Security is an important concern in today's world. Only domain admin of an organization/ company have administrative privileges in maintaining computers & software's to be installed. This prevents other fellow users from messing with the computer and doing things like uninstalling applications that you need, installing applications that you don’t want, or changing important files. This is useful from a security standpoint. 

As you all know, Form Builder is an add-on application for Google Workspace that makes building new Google Forms and Quizzes simple and fast. Form Builder is helpful for anyone who needs to create Google Forms from existing content.

What is to be done if your domain admin dosen't allow you to install Form Builder?

Consider you may be a teacher & you are interested in using Form Builder to create question bank for your students but your domain admin doesn't allow you to install Form Builder. In this case what can you do to use Form Builder?

Option 1: Ask your admin to allow access

The most common way is by requesting the domain admin to allow access. You can explain what Form Builder is & how it saves your time & energy in creating Google Forms effortlessly. 

Once the domain admin gives permission then you can use Form Builder with ease.

Option 2: Add as a collaborator

The other way is you can start using Form Builder from your personal account. You can install Form Builder from your personal account & then you can add your official account as a collaborator. So now Form Builder will be accessible from your official account with all the configured settings.

So now you can access Form Builder from both personal & official accounts.