Automagical Forms alternative

Looking for Automagical Forms alternative?

In case you're searching for a feature rich & reliable alternative to Automagical Forms, then Form Builder Plus is an excellent option to consider. If you are seeking a alternative to Automagical Forms that offers more advanced features. With its user-friendly interface, Form Builder Plus performs similar functions as Automagical Forms while providing numerous additional features.

What is Automagical Forms?

Automagical Forms is a Google Workspace add-on that generates text and multiple choice questions from your Google Docs or PDF and creates a Google Form with no copy & pasting

What is Form Builder Plus?

Form Builder Plus is an add-on application for Google Workspace that simplifies and speeds up the process of creating new Google Forms and Quizzes by eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting. Form Builder Plus is compatible with a wide range of Google Workspace applications. 

Why does Form Builder Plus stands above Automagical Forms?

Now we will compare the features of Automagical Forms and Form Builder Plus then you will come to know that Form Builder Plus is the best alternative for Automagical Forms. 


Form Builder Plus

Automagical Forms

Create Google Forms without manual copy & paste

Works with Google Docs

Works with Google Sheets

Works with Google Forms

Works with Google Slides

Works with Gmail

Works with all Google Drive files

Works with Google Calendar

Works with PDF

Allow PDF files greater than 5 MB

Works with Image files

Create quizzes with points assigned for each questions

Checkbox option type

Dropdown option type

Shuffle question order

Shuffle option order

Variety of pricing plans (affordable)

Marketplace rating

After comparing the features of Automagical Forms and Form Builder Plus, it becomes evident that Form Builder Plus is the superior alternative to Automagical Forms.