How Form Builder Plus can be used in Non-profit


Consider you are governing a NGO organization which does social activities to unprivileged people from under developed villages. Your organization recently does social activities in a remote village & you want to know what the people think about your social activities. For this you planned to conduct a feedback survey to the people of the village. You have the feedback file in PDF format. But you need it to be in Google form so that you can collect the responses directly in Google Forms itself.

In this situation, Form Builder Plus can be used to quickly & accurately prepare Google Form from existing PDF.

How Form Builder Plus can be used here?

  • Upload the feedback questions PDF into Google Drive.

  • Open Form Builder Plus from Google Drive and choose the PDF file.

  • Form Builder Plus automatically parses your PDF file and prepares your question.

  • Select the questions that are needed.

  • Import the questions to an existing/ new Google Form.

That's it. Your feedback form is ready.

Apps used:

  • Google Form

  • Google Sheets

  • PDF

  • Google Drive