Save time! Just import into Google Forms

Never create Google Forms manually. Build from existing Forms, Sheets, Docs or Slides.

Keeps your info accurate and saves a ton of time.

What is Form Builder ?

  • “Form Builder” is an add-on application for Google G Suite that makes building new Google Forms and Quizzes simple and fast.
  • Builds Google Form by importing from various G Suite applications like Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets.
  • Builds Quizzes by importing from G Suite applications like Google Forms and Google Sheets.
  • Lists all fields/ questions from another Google Forms or Google Docs or Google Sheets or Google Slides and makes fields available for you to import into your Google Form.
  • Allows users to easily select and import necessary fields/ questions into the Google Form.
  • Provides advanced configurations to control the imports.
  • You can export Form Questions into Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides so that whenever you want to reuse it, you can simply import them back.

This is a product of Jivrus Technologies.


Form Builder comes in three different variants working with Google Forms, Sheets, Docs and Slides

Form Builder

Forms add-on

Build form by importing from other Forms, Sheets, Docs and Slides.

Form Builder for Sheets

Sheets add-on

Make your form from right from Google Sheets.

Form Builder for Docs

Doc add-on

Make your form from right from Google Docs

Who needs Form Builder ?

  • Ever got into the mess of copying and pasting to create a new Form? Your are not alone; we have been there and we have got you covered.
  • Form Builder makes things easier and quicker for businesses, organisations, institutions, teachers, students and professionals to build a Google Form.
  • If you have tons of data scattered across Google Docs or Google Sheets or Google Forms or Google Slides and you want to build a Google Form for a survey, a quiz, or for any other purposes, you got Form Builder as a handy tool to help automate the process.
  • It is for anyone who wants to make Google Form more effective for his/her business.

Great time-saver. Thank you.

Roger Banister

5-star rating

"I am a teacher, and I use Form Builder to quickly make multiple-choice self-marking quizzes to share with my pupils. I write the questions and 4 possible answers in columns of a Google sheet, and then import this into Google forms. It’s brilliant and really quick, and does exactly what I need it to. It’s much quicker than writing Google Forms from scratch. I mentioned to the developers that there was one thing they could improve to make it better for me, and within a few days they had done this! I am really impressed and very grateful. I'll be telling all my colleagues about this fantastic add-on."

Steve Carruthers, Physics Teacher

Deputy Head of Niamir’s House

5-star rating

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