Save time! Just import into Google Forms

Never create Google Forms manually. Build from existing Forms, Sheets, Docs or Slides.

Keeps your info accurate and saves a ton of time.

What is Form Builder ?

  • “Form Builder” is an add-on application for Google Google Workspace that makes building new Google Forms and Quizzes simple and fast.

  • Builds Google Form by importing from various GOogle Workspace applications like Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets.

  • Builds Quizzes by importing from Google Workspace applications like Google Forms and Google Sheets.

  • Lists all fields/ questions from another Google Forms or Google Docs or Google Sheets or Google Slides and makes fields available for you to import into your Google Form.

  • Allows users to easily select and import necessary fields/ questions into the Google Form.

  • Provides advanced configurations to control the imports.

  • You can export Form Questions into Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides so that whenever you want to reuse it, you can simply import them back.

This is a product of Jivrus Technologies.


Form Builder comes in three different variants working with Google Forms, Sheets, Docs and Slides

Forms add-on

Build form by importing from other Forms, Sheets, Docs and Slides.

Sheets add-on

Make your form from right from Google Sheets.

Docs add-on

Make your form from right from Google Docs

Who needs Form Builder ?

  • Ever got into the mess of copying and pasting to create a new Form? Your are not alone; we have been there and we have got you covered.

  • Form Builder makes things easier and quicker for businesses, organisations, institutions, teachers, students and professionals to build a Google Form.

  • If you have tons of data scattered across Google Docs or Google Sheets or Google Forms or Google Slides and you want to build a Google Form for a survey, a quiz, or for any other purposes, you got Form Builder as a handy tool to help automate the process.

  • It is for anyone who wants to make Google Form more effective for his/her business.

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Look what our customer says

"This is a great add on for Google Drive. It can automate docs, forms, sheets, etc. We use it to automate user responses into a single document to review and retain for audits. Very easy to use, quick to set up, and a HUGE time saver. "

"As someone in charge of administering examinations, this add-on is exactly what I needed. from our pre-existing question banks, we can migrate full examinations to google forms without copy-pasting each question and choices. It also eliminates the need for manually making the script for sheets. I would only like to request additional features for examination building like randomly picking a select number of questions from a range. For now, we are planning to make separate sheets for each iteration of exams and keep a 'master' question bank. this manual separation for each delivery of the exam is manageable but additional features are always welcome. "

"Best add-on for Google Form. But I have a issue with Quiz. I provide a correct answer for TEXT type question and leave blank for all Options in Google Sheet. Although typing the exact answer it is always marked as Wrong. Can you check it? "

"I've used Form Builder once and it was a Godsend. I needed to combine two older forms into one, and I was not looking forward to retyping one of them completely. It especially great since I was able to pick and choose which questions to add like a question bank. The only issue I had was a minor one. Some of the images didn't cross over. A quick scan through confirmed this and it was only a minute or two to reattach them so no big deal. I wanted to let you know since I don't always check my work and as an educator, I know a lot of people don't lol. "

"As a high school teacher with multiple legacy "paper forms", this add-on is *precisely* what I need to swiftly convert existing scantron paper tests into Google quizzes. It's recognition algorithms are typically quite sound, and for most documents, Form Builder excels converting docs into Google quizzes. Even better for sheets and to re-purpose existing forms."

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