Standard Features

Import Selcetd Fields

Form Builder allows users to easily select and import necessary fields/ questions into the Google Form

Use case

  • When you want to import selected fields from the list of form fields. Form Builder allow you to import single field or selected fields.

How to import Selected Fields?

  • Form Builder list all form fields

  • If you want individual field to be imported. click on the pin icon highlighted in the picture

  • If you want selected fields to be imported. first select the fields whatever you want to import and click the Import Selected button.

Comprehensive Fields Configuration

Form Builder provides comprehensive customisation of the configuration (type, options etc) while importing.

Use case

  • When you load the data from Form Builder. Form builder will list the form fields available for you. after loading if you want to change some value of selected property, you can do with field configuration. for example field configuration allow you to change the type of field from short answer to paragraph.

How to set Field Configuration?

  • Click the setting icon of field you want it configure.

  • It will open new dialog where you can change the fields configuration as you want.

  • For example the question type is short answer and you want to change to multiple choice you can easily change its type or even its option values also can be easily change.

  • Can set option values directly or range.

  • After your configuration is done click on save button to save the change you have done.

Randomly Choose Question

Form Builder has "Randomly Choose Questions" feature with which user can choose the random number of Questions from a list

When this feature is useful?

  • When you want choose random number of questions from a big list of questions (question banks)

  • e.g teach how want to conduct a test having large set of questions and they want each time questions to be randomly selected from the list.

How to Choose Random Questions?

  • You can find the double tick icon just above the list of fields.

  • Click the double tick icon to randomly choose questions from the list.

  • you can select number of questions (5, 10, 15 etc) or

  • you can also enter custom number of questions to be chosen randomly

This will randomly checks / un-checks questions to ensure only selected number of questions are randomly chosen.

After that, you can click on "Import Selected" button to import only the randomly selected fields

Shuffle Questions & Answers

Form Builder has Shuffle Questions and Answers feature with which user can shuffle the Questions and Answers of list type questions(Ex: Checkbox, Dropdown and Radio buttons) when they want each time with different order.

When Shuffle feature is useful?

  • When you want the same set of questions/answers with random order. e.g teacher how want to conduct a test with the same set of question/answers with random order.

How to shuffle questions

  • You can find the shuffle icon just above the list of fields.

  • Click the shuffle icon to shuffle the order of the fields from the list.

How to shuffle answers

  • You can find the shuffle answer icon just above the list of fields.

  • Click the shuffle answer icon to shuffle the order of the answers from the list type questions(Ex: Radio button, Checkbox, Drop-down).


Form Builder allow user to choose the position where the fields need to be import.

When position feature is useful?

  • When you have large amount of data to import, by default fields are imported at the bottom. using position feature you can import where you want to import on selected position.

How to import fields on selected position?

User can import the fields in following positions

  • Top

  • Bottom

  • After (After selected field)

  • Before(Before selected field)

  • Bottom position is default position, which will append the imported fields to the bottom.

  • If you want to import fields at the top, select the Top position.

  • If you want to import fields between the fields, you can achieve in two ways. After or Before position.

  • select the position e.g: After

  • choose the field from where the import starts.

Randomly Choose Questions