Standard Features

Import Selcetd Fields

Form Builder allows users to easily select and import necessary fields/ questions into the Google Form

Use case

How to import Selected Fields?

Comprehensive Fields Configuration

Form Builder provides comprehensive customisation of the configuration (type, options etc) while importing. 

Use case

How to set Field Configuration?

Randomly Choose Question

Form Builder has "Randomly Choose Questions" feature with which user can choose the random number of Questions from a list

When this feature is useful?

How to Choose Random Questions?

This will randomly checks / un-checks questions to ensure only selected number of questions are randomly chosen.

After that, you can click on "Import Selected" button to import only the randomly selected fields

Shuffle Questions & Answers

Form Builder has Shuffle Questions and Answers feature with which user can shuffle the Questions and Answers of list type questions(Ex: Checkbox, Dropdown and Radio buttons) when they want each time with different order.

When Shuffle feature is useful?

How to shuffle questions

How to shuffle answers


Form Builder allow user to choose the position where the fields need to be import.

When position feature is useful?

How to import fields on selected position?

User can import the fields in following positions