Import Specific Field Types from Google Sheets

***Important Note*** This requires "Form Builder for Sheets" add-on that runs from Google Sheets' sidebar

Google Form Question/Field Types

Google Form Provides different types of questions/fields that you can include in a form.

The following types are

  • Short answer
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple choice
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date Time
  • Linear scale
  • Multiple choice grid
  • Checkbox grid
  • Title and Description
  • Section
  • Image
  • Video
  • File Upload

Setup Google Sheet for Importing Specific Field Types

Sample Data :1

Sample Data 2

  • At least two column should be there in selected a sheet.
  • Sheet data must match the following pattern i.e first column contains questions/fields and second column contains types and third column onward applicable only when if you want types as Checkbox, Dropdown or Multiple choice then it expects options refer the sample data 1 or If you want type as Image then it expects image URL refer the sample data 2.

Supported List of Field Types

Field Type can be one of the following (Case insensitive)

Form Builder support following questions/fields type

  • TEXT
  • DATE
  • TIME

Steps for Importing into Form

  • Select the source Sheet
  • select the Range and enter the range, default range is A2:F10 i.e first 10 rows of your sheet.
  • Select the Q & A's pattern
  • check/select the Data include type column checkbox
  • click on GET button.
  • Form Builder lists all fields and makes fields available for you to import.
  • If you enter proper or supported type it will get correct question otherwise invalid type will be consider as Text.
  • Click on Choose button to add question/fields to the selected form.
  • Click on Create button and enter the form name to build a new Form and adds questions/fields to the new form.

  • After Selecting/Creating the form you can see the form name appearing just below the Choose/Create button.
  • You can access the selected/created form by clicking on the Open in New icon
  • You can import individual field by clicking on the Action button
  • You can also import the selected fields by clicking Import Selected button.
  • That's it, your Form is ready.