5 effortless ways to build Google Forms

(#3 will shock you)

5 effortless ways to build Google Forms (#3 will shock you)

Get to know about Google Forms

Google Forms is a tool from Google to establish online forms. You can create beautiful forms for your business or personal use, publish to your audience and collect data from form submissions.

Some of the key features of Google Forms are as follows

Question Formats:

There are many question formats you can add to your Google Form that respondents can interact with. These elements include: Short answer, paragraph, multiple-choice, checkbox, dropdown, etc.

Theme customizations:

There are various changes that you can make to the design of a Google Form that includes header image, theme color, fonts.

File Uploads:

The file upload is one of the most important & widely used feature this allows you to submit files of various category.

For Example: When you apply for a job through Google Forms you can easily attach your resume to it.

Quiz feature:

With Google Forms, you can easily adjust some options to convert your survey into a quiz. By doing this, a point value will be allocated to each question on your form. In this approach, the form will automatically calculate a grade based on the responses once a respondent has answered all the questions.

For busy teachers, this auto-grading feature can be a significant time saver.

Report & Analytics:

Google Forms will automatically create graphs that show how many people responded to each question when respondents submit your forms. The pie charts are a particularly eye-catching method of presenting the results.

Ways to build Google Forms

#1 Create from Google Forms Templates

  • This is the most commonly used way to build a Google Form.

  • Login to http://forms.google.com/ & select any one template from the standard list of templated available.

  • The painful thing here is you need to customize the template as per your requirement because only standard templates are available.

#2 Copy & Paste from other contents to build new Google Form

  • This is another commonly used method for building a Google Form.

  • Here what people usually do is

  1. Open a Google Form.

  2. Copy contents from other files or documents.

  3. Paste it in Google Forms. That's it

This is a time consuming work. If the form is small then copy & paste is acceptable but if the form is large then copy & paste is a painful task & it takes a lot of your time.

#3 Import from any existing contents to build Google Forms in seconds using Form Builder Plus

Probably this is the simple & most easiest way to create a Google Form.

  • You can simply use Form Builder Plus to create a Google Form from your old or existing content.

  • Open Form Builder Plus from Google Docs/ Sheets/ Slides/ Calendar/ Forms/ Drive/ Gmail.

  • Select the file that has the contents. Files include PDF, Images, Microsoft Word, Presentation etc.

  • Form Builder Plus automatically parses your files and prepares your contents.

  • Select the contents required & import it to a new or existing Google Form.

That's it. Your Google Form is ready to be used.

Form Builder Plus saves a lot of your time by automatically creating Google Forms in seconds. Highly recommended by Educationalist & Business People.

#4 Reuse your old Google Form just one more time

  • This is another way of building Google Form.

  • Here you can reuse your old Google Form.

  • Make a copy of existing Google Form directly from Google Drive

  • Make the required changes in the copied Google Form & again use it one more time.

#5 Borrow Google Forms from your colleagues

  • Here you can ask your colleagues to share their Google Form.

  • Now change the Google Form as per your requirement.

  • Now your Google Form is ready to be used.

This is a time consuming process as you need to ask permission from your colleague & then once s/he agrees then you can use it for yourself.