Save time! Just import into Google Forms

Never create Google Forms manually. Build from existing Forms, Sheets, Docs or Slides.

Keeps it accurate and saves ton of time.

What is Form Builder ?

  • “Form Builder” is an add-on application for Google G Suite that makes building new Google Forms and Quizzes in a very simple and fast way.
  • Builds Google Form by importing from various G Suite applications like Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets.
  • Builds Quizzes by importing from G Suite applications like Google Forms and Google Sheets.
  • Lists all fields/ questions from another Google Forms or Google Docs or Google Sheets or Google Slides and make fields available for you to import into your Google Form.
  • Allows users to easily select and import necessary fields/ questions into the Google Form.
  • Provides advanced configurations to control the imports.
  • User can export Form Questions into Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides so that whenever if you want to reuse it, you can simply import them back.

It is a product from Jivrus Technologies.


Form Builder comes as four different variants working with Google Forms, Sheets, Docs and Slides

Form Builder

Forms add-on

Build form by importing from other Forms, Sheets, Docs and Slides.

Form Builder for Sheets

Sheets add-on

Make your form from right from Google Sheets.

Form Builder for Docs

Doc add-on

Make your form from right from Google Docs

Who needs Form Builder ?

  • Ever got into mess of copying and pasting for creating a new Form? Your are not alone; we have been there and we have got you covered.
  • Form Builder is created for making things easier and quicker for businesses, organisations, institutions, teachers, students and professionals to build a Google Form.
  • If you have tons of data scattered into Google Docs or Google Sheets or Google Forms or Google Slides and you want to build Google Form for survey or quiz or for any other purposes, you got Form Builder as a handy tool.
  • It is for anyone who wants to make Google Form more effective for his/her business.

Great time-saver. Thank you.

Roger Banister

5-star rating

"I am a teacher, and I use Form Builder to quickly make multiple-choice self-marking quizzes to share with my pupils. I write the questions and 4 possible answers in columns of a Google sheet, and then import this into Google forms. It’s brilliant and really quick, and does exactly what I need it to. It’s much quicker than writing Google Forms from scratch. I mentioned to the developers that there was one thing they could improve to make it better for me, and within a few days they had done this! I am really impressed and very grateful. I'll be telling all my colleagues about this fantastic add-on."

Steve Carruthers, Physics Teacher

Deputy Head of Niamir’s House

5-star rating

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