See how people use Form Builder

"I am a teacher, and I use Form Builder to quickly make multiple-choice self-marking quizzes to share with my pupils. I write the questions and 4 possible answers in columns of a Google sheet, and then import this into Google forms. It’s brilliant and really quick, and does exactly what I need it to. It’s much quicker than writing Google Forms from scratch. I mentioned to the developers that there was one thing they could improve to make it better for me, and within a few days they had done this! I am really impressed and very grateful. I'll be telling all my colleagues about this fantastic add-on."

"As a high school teacher with multiple legacy "paper forms", this add-on is *precisely* what I need to swiftly convert existing scantron paper tests into Google quizzes. It's recognition algorithms are typically quite sound, and for most documents, Form Builder excels converting docs into Google quizzes. Even better for sheets and to re-purpose existing forms."

"Awesome !!! More productivity in less time guaranteed... Helpful while we are dealing with Google form and sheets.... Indeed a nice product."

"Very easy to use and a lot of features available to incorporate into your business forms."

"Worked exactly as needed."

"Great time-saver. Thank you."